Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Atiqa Odho, an Entrepreneur - New trends in cosmetics business in Pakistan!

Happily, there are many examples of people in Pakistani show business who appreciate and recognize the virtues of their hard work and ingenuity. Such an example is Atiqa Odho, who is amply gifted with numerous qualities; she is a make-up artist, a hair stylist, a model, a TV star, a film star and now an entrepreneur as she moves to her own business of a cosmetic company- Atiqa Odho. Born to a liberal family, she received the best possible education and upbringing in the U.S.A. Though initially she gives the impression of an ordinary child but later on her zeal set her apart from her peers.

Additionally the vivacious and vital Atiqa had her own position from her earlier days. Atiqa was persuaded by Pakistani television in 1990 to work for a drama serial. Her acting appealed to the masses and one can easily remember her great performances till now. She was highly successful in modeling as well. After nearly a decade, Atiqa grew too tired of travel between U.S. and Pakistan. Hence, she decided to make Pakistan her permanent residence. She has a keen desire to provide an amiable atmosphere to her two children, and her husband, Javaid, in Pakistan.
In fact, Atiqa stepped into her working life as a make- up artist and got training in England. Later, she moved to Pakistan and practiced her profession as a beautician. She started her own beauty parlor and appropriately named it “Cuts and cappuccino”. Since returning back to Pakistan after years in the States, Atiqa Odho is proving unstoppable she is all set to make a difference and has already realized her vision of launching own cosmetics line.
She had several reasons for launching a color cosmetic range in the market but the two main ones were my belief that a woman understands another woman’s needs and that she was simply tired of seeing what was available in the marketplace. Either very substandard products were on the shelf in retail or alternately extremely expensive imported products that were not affordable to the Pakistani women. 
 The product has beautiful and glamorous packaging color that is “Red” which makes consumers exciting. The unique coding of lipsticks makes it easy for consumer to remember like for pink lipstick “AP” and for brown lipstick “AB”. The code automatically tells about the lipstick shade.
At present Atiqa brand consists of 35 Lipstick colors, 20 Loose Eye-shadow colors with applicators, 25 Pressed Eye-shadow colors with applicators, 10 Blush-on colors with applicators, 8 Cake Face Powders colors, 8 Eyeliner colors, and Mascara. Atiqa says that the market is still abundant in opportunities for new entrants and that she likes healthy competition.


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