Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mian Muhammad Mansha – The Successful Entrepreneur

Mian Muhammad Mansha – a name suggestive of continuous struggle, hard slog and a faith so firm in his Almighty Allah that nothing on the face of earth ever stopped him from attaining the heights of glory.
“I have had many lucky breaks. Lady Luck has always been on my side. New projects just crop up before I stop doing the old ones" (Mian Muhammad Mansha)

Mian Muhammad Mansha is the Chairman of the Nishat Group – the largest industrial and fiscal corporation of Pakistan. He is regarded as the richest man in Pakistan and biggest single exporter. Mansha is born in Lahore to a wealthy Chiniot family. After completing his studies in UK, he joined the family business.
Mian Mansha's business significantly benefited from the privatization impel of the 1990s. He made a number of acquisitions and overthrows throughout this period. Mansha had get hold on a controlling position in Adamjee Insurance, the country's largest non-life insurer. Then he acquired D.G. Khan Cement, previously owned by the Saigol family. He was concurrently expanding his renowned Nishat Textiles while going through big acquisitions.
The acquisition of MCB, Pakistan’s most profitable bank is the master-stroke of Mian Mansha. MCB has newly connected hands with Maybank of Malaysia which has a 20% controlling share in the bank.
Nishat Group includes; Nishat Textiles, Nishat Power, Omer Fabrics, Nishat Chemical Industries, Raza textiles and some other.

Mian Mansha is the most successful entrepreneur in Pakistan. He contributes much in the exports of Pakistan. He is a true Pakistani and has the vision to see Pakistan, the most developed nation. And Inshallah Pakistan will.