Friday, April 23, 2010

Know Yourself - Critically Analyze Your Personality.

People always attracted to things they personally like. Actually they get the inner satisfaction - a psychological process runs behind. In the similar way, we easily get attached to other people, if they match with our chemistry, think like us, caring, give importance and share ideas openly, without having some interest behind. We take decisions on our own perceptions, most of the time it happens that we like the person not having good repo in the society, the reason is he/she actually sincere with us and show very open and clear relationship with us.
Thinking and perceptions are developed through many ways; first of all the environment we live in, our family and relatives, own experiences by the times and from the nature - there are some natural abilities have by birth. All these shape us a human being with having a unique personality. Whenever we find other person having similar qualities, as us, the good relationship builds. Religion has much influence on our lives. But the most important influential is our own nature - God gifted and experiences - how we feel, how we take things and how we perceive. That's why people having different backgrounds and religious concepts come very close to each other.
So try to find what are your inner qualities, what you actually get from nature. This will help you lot in making best decisions in life. If you want others like and praise you 10 % more, start praising yourself 15 % more. Praising self not means liking without judgment, but finding of what you have well and bad.
You do many critical analyses in life on many things, so now try to do analysis on yourself. Must think on yourself at least 15 minutes daily and find out what you do right – personally satisfied from and what is happening wrong – you feel disturbance from. Start focusing more on doing things you get satisfaction and try to eliminate those make you uncomfortable or disturbing you. After few days all bad habits and the things you not actually want to do or results tension and anxiety automatically start removing from yourself. And you will feel better and more satisfied.
Think positively and always make choices not depend on one single solution. Thanks to Allah for the beautiful life you have.

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