Sunday, February 21, 2010

The future of Pakistan is very bright

Pakistan is now changing......people become more aware about Pakistan day by day....they love to Pakistan more as ever. Media plays a big role in awaking Pakistanis.
The quality of education provided in the institutes both private and government in Pakistan in upgrading now and seems to be good enough to meet the world. We have top quality medical institutions where students from all over the world seek medical knowledge. However still there is a need to improve infrastructure in education section - as focus on improving campus life; sports activities must be there and equally opportunities provided to both boys and girls. The biggest issue that now a days is unemployment that can be solved by developing sources of earning for students. This is done by starting medium sized projects (local level) in every industry the Government will be wholly responsible for these projects, by practicing human resource management properly in government institutions in order to make efficient strategies about retirement and succession planning too.
Government of Pakistan needs to put little effort only in order to get maximum results. They must provide opportunities or create opportunities for local entrepreneurs - funds and other financial assistance should be provided by Government in order to utilize their talent best.
Youth of any country matters a lot in her success. Pakistan enriched with youngers. Youth of Pakistan plays important role in the prosperity of Pakistan and they will. There are about 50 -60 % youth in Pakistan. Unfortunately, due to lack of resources or we can say due to poor or bad strategies implemented by the Government, lot of youngsters now moving to other countries that will be bad for Pakistan. But Government has no time to think about this.......they only think about theirselves. However the situation is changed now, Pakistanis become frustrated with the current government and want real patriotic now. Media and courts done well and stands in front of Government currupt policies. This is a positive move for Pakistan.
Pakistan now faces the War on terror that raises other problems as no foreign direct investment, tourism and travel industry also damaged from this war. Terrorism is neither actually born in Pakistan nor Pakistani scholars responsible for it. However, this spreads by anti Muslims and anti-Pakistan forces that try their best to make Pakistan unstable. They don't know that we have best army in the world and Pakistanis have trust on their security forces. Inshallah we will win this war against terrorism soon. Muslim or especially Pakistani scholars now need to unite the Muslims and teach them the real Islamic laws. Islam is the symbol of peace and love.....must think. 
The shortage of water and electric supply are the issues generated by ourselves. We have resources and number of alternatives we find to produce electricity....the only need or demand is the sincere people or Government that we miss. We have great reservoirs of Cole that must be used as source of energy. Kalabag dam must be constructed and other lower and medium sized projects will be planned quickly. 
We have all .............except good government. We ourselves put effort now and lead Pakistan - little effort in our own field leads to the success of Pakistan. And now things are changing. 

May Allah prosper our country and save Pakistan. (Ameen!)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

There can only be Light after Darkness.

The Universe is not only reflected  in the skies but also in our everyday lives. It is usually the cycle of nights and days. When challenging times find their way into your life - remind yourself that absolutely nothing is permanent other than existence of temporary. Remember energy follows thoughts.

There is a need to think positively and on alternatives too. Nothing is permanent in this world, so develop your thinking and try to find solutions in a different way. It is interesting that sometimes the disapproved or rejected work or the wrong idea about particular task become positive solution for another task or problem. So always remember your mistakes are not wastage of time but the leaders of creativity. Nothing is impossible too in this world - we are that make things impossible or develop perceptions and then shape our minds according to perceptions that this is impossible and we can't do. Always remember that every thing, term, word has opposite. After light there is a darkness and then again light - your loss learn you how to overcome it and train you , just take this as a first step toward success instead of being discourage. This first little loss prevents you from future big losses, think like that......but this is human nature or habit that seems restless or try to get as quick and early and easily attract to short cuts. 

           Believe and you will achieve! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Every Crisis is an opportunity

While difficult situations have a tendency of overpowering our strength - we must fight to stay afloat. Every situation has a positive - only the quantity of the same varies. Grasp life for all it has to offer - the good, the bad and the beautiful. Train your mind to comprehend that many opportunities come from the absolute worst of situations - it's up to you to make what you can of them. 

Sometimes we lose hope or seems that all the efforts we put to win or succeed are useless and think that we are not able to handle or treat the situation. However the case is different, our efforts teach us and provide alternatives too that help in handling the same situations successfully in future. Every bad or worst experience is our mistake that train us and make us more knowledgeable and skillful.   What we do is only to change the way of thinking or seeing the things. Always think and try to learn why this happen - repeat the process and find mistake and try to solve the situation in different ways and then choose the best efficient way. Try to find opportunities that are hidden in the crisis we face. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hope is good thing.

Life will bring many trials, tribulations and tests. Some days it will glide and slide while take you down rocky paths leaving you with very little to hang on to. Tests are that make life beautiful. For, it is the trying times that help you see the richness in contentment. Hope is the weapon of every believer - and regardless of personal faith - each of us has a belief from which stems hope.

Hope gives you courage to further struggle and ultimate achievement in life. There are times come in life when we feel or actually loose hope - there are lot of reasons behind but it is not the ending but only the trial of determination (faith test). You imagine that most of the times we loose hope or discourage at the final step, when we had reached the very next to destination we stop struggling. And then we realize that we missing last effort would bring us to success...must think. Hope provides fuel to make our life more efficient and more relexed and successable.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Learn when time presents itself

Every beginning has an ending - bringing forth yet another beginning. Moments can't be measured along the scale of Time - they happen as they happen. Believe that everything has its time and that, trying situations, like all else, are passengers in the tunnel of time. Explore yourself by indulging an introspective nature, by acquiring yourself with aspects of yourself. You may never have had the time to acknowledge, analyze, improve or develop.

Try to put creativity in your work - every one effort to best use the time but only succeed those who do creative work - extra or different from others. We always blame that we fail or have trouble due to lack of time or short time but not not use the mind and thinking the same way. Learning is always there - the thing is how to learn in a short spam of time. Don't copy others. Always try to see things in your own way and bring solution according to your way. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Emotions make life

Most of the people think that, the biggest reason of their failure in life or in any part of it is 'lack of resources' means sometime they have time but no money or money but no technology or technology but no management. they define resources in five terms;

  • Time

  • Money

  • Technology

  • Experience

  • Management
One of the above five resources is missing and create problem in their success. We all accept this, but I think resources is not the problem because they need resourcefullness not resources. Resourcefullness means will, passion, love, emotions.

  • Creativity (Instead of time)

  • Determination (not money)

  • Love/care (not technology)

  • Passion (not experience)

  • Resolve (not management)
I think emotions make life. always focus on creative work, not weeping for time. must have clear determination, money is not the problem, when you have clear idea and strong determination then you will succeed. instead of technology, make yourself loving and caring, involve people with you and spread love. care others if you want, they care you. You have passion to do something extra or to learn something, experience is not the big problem. and finally you must have the power of resolving things, the management is not big issue.
Emotions make you strong enough to challenge any task, they provide you your destination, give you energy, and make your whole life.