Sunday, February 21, 2010

The future of Pakistan is very bright

Pakistan is now changing......people become more aware about Pakistan day by day....they love to Pakistan more as ever. Media plays a big role in awaking Pakistanis.
The quality of education provided in the institutes both private and government in Pakistan in upgrading now and seems to be good enough to meet the world. We have top quality medical institutions where students from all over the world seek medical knowledge. However still there is a need to improve infrastructure in education section - as focus on improving campus life; sports activities must be there and equally opportunities provided to both boys and girls. The biggest issue that now a days is unemployment that can be solved by developing sources of earning for students. This is done by starting medium sized projects (local level) in every industry the Government will be wholly responsible for these projects, by practicing human resource management properly in government institutions in order to make efficient strategies about retirement and succession planning too.
Government of Pakistan needs to put little effort only in order to get maximum results. They must provide opportunities or create opportunities for local entrepreneurs - funds and other financial assistance should be provided by Government in order to utilize their talent best.
Youth of any country matters a lot in her success. Pakistan enriched with youngers. Youth of Pakistan plays important role in the prosperity of Pakistan and they will. There are about 50 -60 % youth in Pakistan. Unfortunately, due to lack of resources or we can say due to poor or bad strategies implemented by the Government, lot of youngsters now moving to other countries that will be bad for Pakistan. But Government has no time to think about this.......they only think about theirselves. However the situation is changed now, Pakistanis become frustrated with the current government and want real patriotic now. Media and courts done well and stands in front of Government currupt policies. This is a positive move for Pakistan.
Pakistan now faces the War on terror that raises other problems as no foreign direct investment, tourism and travel industry also damaged from this war. Terrorism is neither actually born in Pakistan nor Pakistani scholars responsible for it. However, this spreads by anti Muslims and anti-Pakistan forces that try their best to make Pakistan unstable. They don't know that we have best army in the world and Pakistanis have trust on their security forces. Inshallah we will win this war against terrorism soon. Muslim or especially Pakistani scholars now need to unite the Muslims and teach them the real Islamic laws. Islam is the symbol of peace and love.....must think. 
The shortage of water and electric supply are the issues generated by ourselves. We have resources and number of alternatives we find to produce electricity....the only need or demand is the sincere people or Government that we miss. We have great reservoirs of Cole that must be used as source of energy. Kalabag dam must be constructed and other lower and medium sized projects will be planned quickly. 
We have all .............except good government. We ourselves put effort now and lead Pakistan - little effort in our own field leads to the success of Pakistan. And now things are changing. 

May Allah prosper our country and save Pakistan. (Ameen!)

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