Monday, February 1, 2010

Emotions make life

Most of the people think that, the biggest reason of their failure in life or in any part of it is 'lack of resources' means sometime they have time but no money or money but no technology or technology but no management. they define resources in five terms;

  • Time

  • Money

  • Technology

  • Experience

  • Management
One of the above five resources is missing and create problem in their success. We all accept this, but I think resources is not the problem because they need resourcefullness not resources. Resourcefullness means will, passion, love, emotions.

  • Creativity (Instead of time)

  • Determination (not money)

  • Love/care (not technology)

  • Passion (not experience)

  • Resolve (not management)
I think emotions make life. always focus on creative work, not weeping for time. must have clear determination, money is not the problem, when you have clear idea and strong determination then you will succeed. instead of technology, make yourself loving and caring, involve people with you and spread love. care others if you want, they care you. You have passion to do something extra or to learn something, experience is not the big problem. and finally you must have the power of resolving things, the management is not big issue.
Emotions make you strong enough to challenge any task, they provide you your destination, give you energy, and make your whole life.

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