Sunday, May 9, 2010

Major Functions of HRM – HR Practices in Pakistan

In Pakistan all organizations almost paying attention to three functions more than others that is as discussed below:

Human Resource Planning; First Function of HRM
In poor human resource planning we are encountered with two types of problem.
  1. Understaffing
  2. Overstaffing
Proper staffing requires an assessment of present and anticipated needs of the organization compared with present and future predicted resources. Simply we can say that efficient human resource planning bring demand and supply into balance. So, planning mean you must have a clear picture of your existing work force profile. The things you must consider of your employees are as: No. of employees, Ages, Gender, Skills, Experiences, Character, Flexibility, Capabilities and Potential.

Recruitment and Selection: Second Function of HRM.

Recruitment means discovering the “potential candidates” and Selection is a process start from applicants CV scanning. Recruitment is of two types as:

  1. Internal Recruitment
  2. External Recruitment
Overall the major sources of recruitment are as: Internal promotions and transfers, Head hunters, University / campus hunting, Professional agencies, Employment agencies and Advertising.
After CV is being scanned an interview is carried out immediately by sending an interview letter to the applicant through post. Mostly an expert panel interview the candidate and it may take several days. Interview testing includes the following portions: Aptitude testing, Skill testing, Behavior testing, Stress testing and General intelligence.

Training & Development- Third Function of HRM

Training means imparting skills, abilities & knowledge in employees which help them in performing their current job duties.
Development means grooming of employees keeping in mind job anticipated needs & obviously for the sake of their growth in the organization

  • Survival of Fittest
But above all these old concepts one thing is important that any change in life brings a lot of learning opportunities no matter whether it comes from training or other developmental techniques. One should take these activities in a positive way & it’s very important for the “survival of fittest” both from organizational perspective and from individuals’ perspective.
Pakistani organizations should focus on the other pillars of human resource management as well like Compensation & Benefits, Employee Relations, Talent Management and most crucial one “Change Management” with the same intensity to achieve even better zeros achieved on their side. Zero is the new word in the management terminology for the word goal.


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