Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dynamic personality of Pakistan: Faryal Gohar

Faryal is at a time doing multiple things like she is a brilliant actress, a television writer & more importantly a self motivated human activist of UNO in Pakistan. As far as her early life is concerned she was an extra ordinary student who was equally sound for curricular and non-curricular happenings. In Pakistan she belongs to Sindh province and Karachi city. During her entire study life she attended the Lahore American School, Kinnaird College, and finally she did political economy degree from McGill University and documentary film production training from southern California, Europe.
Faryal whole family is talented enough as her father was in army, her younger sister, Madiha Gohar, is a splendid artist and an active member of “Ajoka Theater”. Faryal too did work in theater a few years and in 1984 got married to a charming TV personality “Jamal Shah” but the couple got divorced after a few years without mentioning a mature reason to media, viewers or their fans. She has a younger brother name Amir who is an industrial engineer.
As a writer Faryal wrote his first novel named “The Scent of Wet Earth” which was published by Penguin in August, 2002 and ranked 0n 5th position in New York Times International bestseller list. It was based on film-making sensibilities, the consciousness of “other” and knowledge on “animal behavior”. Despite of acting and novel writing Faryal did a lot for Pakistan in other means such as she produce a documentary titled as Pakistan Poverty Assessment. This work contains the laborious research work on 54 districts and concerned the poor people perception of their poverty reasons.
Faryal plans to extend her commitment to environmental preservation and Here her goal is to, “develop a new paradigm for development which respects cultural identities and the natural environment while enhancing the quality of life on this planet.” A loner by nature, Faryal can be extremely gregarious when the occasion arises. Such dynamism makes her an enigma for those who have not met her personally. Faryal is not a high profile scandal seeker. She shuns vacuous social scenes, preferring to spend time with her beloved pet dogs and ‘underdogs.’ An animal rights activist, Faryal cares for an astounding eighteen cats, seven dogs, three goats, and one donkey.
Feryal’s second novel is already being release. The accompanying screenplay is underway, and her film, Tibbi Galli, will be showcased at the Rome International Film Festival. Faryal is at a landmark moment in her life. These achievements and her acceptance by the world community is no small feat given the often virulent xenophobia aimed at Pakistan from abroad, complemented by misrepresentations about this place and its people. Such news may seal the lips of national and international gossip fiends alike. Let us hope that it inspires them to emulate Faryal and adopt more constructive endeavors.

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