Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crisis in Pakistani cinema -Film Industry

The Pakistani film industry named as “Lollywood” after Hollywood & Bollywood gain recognition have been in crisis for nearly a decade. Many cinemas had closed down. Their number came down from nearly thousands to hundreds. The remaining too had few films to show as the local film industry was not producing quality films and these too were few in number. The result was that cinema going culture almost vanished. In the last one year about 17 Indian films were released. Though most failed to do any boisterous business but still the cinema industry got lot of support. On the other hand the film industry crisis is likely to deepen as the local investors are showing reluctance to fund any major film. The Indian films dominate at the Pakistani box office. 

No one is interested in saving the Pakistani film industry. They want to make money only even by exhibiting Indian films. The government has opened doors for the Indian film industry but did nothing to save the local film industry. The local film industry is likely to collapse in view of the fact that we do not have resources to match the Indian films budget. The government should first have boosted its own industry before opening doors for Indians.
Although the Pakistani films story lines all are original but Indian plagiarized is beating Pakistani cinemas. Moreover, a movie song which is a focal point of a successful film is being ignored here in Pakistan. Its fact that dance is not allowed in Islam but as people is doing it here too as a profession than there must be dancing schools to groom our expected filmy heroes & heroines.
Government of Pakistan should maintain a rule & regulation list for upcoming talented people of Pakistan in every field so in Film industry too. They should first serve their own country from they too belong. It’s not a good sign for a patriotic nation to do all good stuff for others. All wise fellows will agree to me.
The 60s and 70s better known as “The Golden era of Pakistani cinema” & the heydays when first-class movies were produced at that time “Lollywood” was not only a source of pride but was also a reservoir of pure delight and pleasure for its viewers. It is during this era that the Pakistani film industry was commended for having produced some of the most memorable and recognized films such as Armaan and Teri Yaad.
Names like Waheed Murad, Nadeem and Muhammad Ali managed to change the face of cinema and earn the status of living legends. Even today these names are alive in the hearts of all, so much so that a simple mention of these names is enough to take someone down memory lane and bring a smile to their face. It is Lollywood glorious past that has kept cinema kicking and going and the faith of the people that has enabled it to survive all these years. The masses still believe that cinema has more to offer and that it will soon reach its true potential and deliver quality productions it once boasted.

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