Saturday, April 24, 2010

Syed Babar Ali - An entrepreneur and industrialist of Pakistan

Syed Babar AliSyed Babar Ali is the man behind Packages, Milkpak, LUMS and Ali Institute. He is a great industrialist and a most successful entrepreneur of Pakistan. After completing his graduate degree, Babar Ali got admission in the University of Michigan, United States. He was spending a year there and came back to Pakistan on his parents demand. He has a great passion for getting knowledge. So after coming to Pakistan, he started working on the development of a great education institute in Pakistan, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). 
LUMS and Ali Institute of Education are the two great ventures of Babar Ali as he thinks. LUMS is the pioneer institute of business education in Pakistan. LUMS produces the lots of economists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, marketers and accountants each year. Ali institute of education focuses on training of teachers, so they able to groom our young generation.
Syed Babar AliSyed Babar Ali envisioned and set up the great businesses in Pakistan including;
  • Packages Ltd. – one of the most recognized company worldwide
  • Milkpak Ltd. – now Nestle Milkpak Limited
  • Tetra Pak Pakistan Limited
  • International General Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited
  • Tri-Pack Films Limited
  • First International Investment Bank and Systems Private Limited 
  Achievements and Honors:
Syed Babar Ali
  • Served as the Minister of Pakistan – Finance and Economic Affairs in 1993
  • An International President of WWF (1996-1999)
  • Honorary Doctorate Degree of Laws from McGill University, Canada (1997)
  • An OBE from Britain (1997)
  • Receive many awards from the Government of Sweden and the Netherlands.
Syed Babar Ali
"Haste does not bring success. Hard work, persistent hard work, is the key." Babar Ali's massage for youth.


  1. ALLAH ap ko in tamam kamo k liye ajr-e-azeem dy or ap ko seht o tandrusti ataa frmaye AMEEEN......

  2. he is a great man i served in pulp section in 1973-1977,i loved this great man pray for him.God give a long life.
    javaid mohammad
    vicksburg MS
    001 601 619 4490