Friday, April 16, 2010

How to Get the Peace of Mind

Instead of thinking and planning always for future, look at present too - is there missing something or happening wrong, are the people around you satisfied with you or their expectations meet or you response well to those who care and love you without any reason. Feel the moments your are in and try to make these moments memorable, you will get peace in life.
Many times it happens that we have become so busy in our lives and even forget that there are people attached with us who need our care and have much importance. After losing something, we get realised that actually we did nothing and spent the time in useless activities. Make priorities in life, struggling for better future is not bad but forgetting present is wrong, every moment you have spend has value and time that had gone never came back. 
Be sincere with yourself, there are lots of things you can't do in life but there are many others that you don't try to focus or think on. Know youself, and know your abilities, put efforts where you are strong - have knowledge and desire too and feel good while doing.
Instead of eliminating weaknesses, it is better to strengthen those areas where we are good. Your one good habbit or quality can hide your all weaknesses. Develop yourself more loving and caring, wealth is not only solution of peace and better living, but just one necessity. There are lots of people who are financially too strong but still running for peace and comforts.
I am responsible for anything happens with me not anyother, think like that and you will get peace of mind. And when you develop such thinkings, all your problems would be solved. Life is so beautiful and charming never waste it. Care your relations and spend most of the time with those who have passions for you.
             Whenever you feel that your prayer not accepted never lose hope beacuse Allah has something better for you. Thanks to Allah for such a beautiful life you have.

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