Monday, April 19, 2010

Water and Power Crisis in Pakistan- The Reason Behind

There are lots of challenges faced by Pakistan but the most hot issue now days is shortage of water and power crisis that need to be solved right now. You can imagine, a country having Nuclear Technology and world's best irrigation and canal system, still not able to fullfil energy and water demands of their people. Who is responsible - not Pakistan but its people; rulers, bureaucrats and politicians.
We have resources, the problem is with system not with resources. I have been surprising, the way Pakistani Government - every political era - make decisions and do nothing. Are they never intellectual, lacking wisdom or get confused or individualists. They don't even know, their reputation is lowering day by day. They even unware about themselves too, Allah has give them the power so they can show how much potential and abilities they have but they never think on it. Must know who you are.
It is pre-planned thinking of those want to unstable Pakistan and they even control our government. However everybody knows what is right and wrong. We have to work for the betterment of Pakistan mutually, first of all develop positive thinkings and take the water and energy issue more important your personal matters. There is a need to implement strategies now, planning face is passed now - Every child of Pakistan knows that we need more dams and related projects. I don't understand, why 'KALA BAAG Dam' not made, what's the reason. Every Pakistani knows that this is our basic necessity, eliminate poor and negative thinkings - those against this mega project.
Actually, the energy crisis is generated artificially by our government. The reason is same 'greediness' and corruption. A great amount of money has to be paid by Pakistan Government to Private companies - energy suppliers and that's why many private sectors partnered with WAPDA (Water & Power Development Authority) temporary stop the supply of electricity. We have paid the taxes, electricity bills, the fault is again with our politicians who have fulfilled thie own desires and spent the whole money in their own interests (worthless). 
Now we as a Pakistani - youth of Pakistan - has to take the decisions. Thank to Allah, that give Pakistan,  great human assests with all the abilities, the youth of Pakistan. They have feelings about their beloved country, they always thinking how to change Pakistan, they always struggling. They represent the great future of Pakistan. They have the ability to talk on our own interests, negociate in a way that ends in a conclusion. 
Pakistan's government still has time to show improvement. They must take water and energy related issues seriously and find out the best solution. If they don't think then ultimately, change will be happened. Inshallah, Pakistan will prosperous (Ameen).  

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