Thursday, September 23, 2010

Late Night Show with Begum Nawazish Ali

The television channel “Aaj” which broadcasts the show never could be possibly seen outside the country.  But the name of Pakistan's rising star “Begum Nawazish Ali” is very well-known abroad. Overseas Pakistanis and even other communities like the show and watch program off satellite! It is in itself a great success story.
The talk show host making waves in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is purportedly a stylish, middle-aged, socialite widow of an army colonel. Her monologues are often laced with sexual innuendo; she flirts openly with her guests, and sometimes by finding opportunities embarrasses them with sensitive questions about their private lives but in a very candid way. Her guests include some of Pakistan's most well-known personalities: the urban elite, film and television stars and even some top politicians.
Astonish thing here is that Begum Nawazish Ali is actually a man. Ali Saleem, the 28-year-old man who done lipstick, mascara and a wig to appear as Begum Nawazish Ali. Certainly no Pakistani woman on television could get away with the kind of double entendres she gets away with. Female guests often find themselves comparing wardrobes and jewelry with her, while male guests have had to bear the brunt of a suggestive proposition from her. Genuinely Begum Nawazish Ali is too sophisticated as compared with other popular industry stars. 
Due to her popularity and the show grooming the fact is that advertising rates during its weekend prime time slot are triple that of other shows in similar slots. Saleem is now one of the highest paid television hosts in the country and is constantly receiving offers from rival channels to bring the show to them.
According to Saleem the success is not an arduous three-hour hair and make-up session before the recording of a show. It can be one philosophical minor reason about why the show has clicked with audiences. But on a broader level "Begum Nawazish Ali inspires women in particular because she is a strong, glamorous, opinionated woman who is unafraid of saying what she thinks and of flirting with men if she feels like it" and "Men, on the other hand, find her intriguing because she transcends all kinds of restrictions and plays with their imagination."
Saleem got his first big break famously impersonating former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in theater and on television, but says it's the Ali character that brings out the real woman inside him. He claims he has "only received love, adoration and respect, never anything evenly remotely negative." Moreover, he wants to be the voice of the youth and for all of Pakistan. The idea was always to break barriers and preconceived notions, of gender, identity, celebrity and politics and to bring people closer. In any case, truly Begum Nawazish Ali is the strongest woman in Pakistan!

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