Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whoosh impact of flood in Pakistani vicinity!

As the summer season moves during July to August that comes up with environmental ruin sometimes in affected areas. Pakistan becomes normally recognized as a rapid heating country. The key cause of monsoon seasons lies in the difference of temperature trend and other factors like emission of certain gasses, deforestation, increasing population, industrialization, that all occurs because of lack in following “the rules of Environmental Protection Act 1997”.
Monsoon blows from cold to warm region and change of temperature bring rain and catastrophic floods. The intensity and duration of monsoon is not uniform from year to year. This time monsoon rain raised water level of rivers overflowing to cities and villages, threatening the people from Khyber Pakhtunkhawa province to the people of Sindh and Baluchistan. Melting glacier and global warming raised the rage and fury of floods breaking all previous records in the history of Pakistan. In this misfortune of flood, standing crops of rice, cotton etc were destroyed, “20 million” people are affected, above “1500” dead and more than “9 million” are homeless.
The extent of losses of these floods is 500% higher than the earthquake of 2005. Many villages were stuck and houses were destroyed and damaged. The international community is responding. Now Pakistan is at war with terrorists and at the same time facing overwhelming floods. The war between natural shocking forces and human beings is old history but with experience, courage and scientific progress to a great extent damages is reduced. After effects of flood are visible like destruction of crops, houses, lives, and belonging of people, rises in prices, and unemployment. This devastating catastrophe of floods was unexpected and sudden. There are remote areas which are surrounded on all side by water, making it not immediately possible to communicate, rescue and provide relief. Relief to the affected with the help of the army is being provided. Such type of a national disaster brings unity and courage among the people.
The way provincial government and federal governments, and aid donation collecting organization in all the provinces will cover a way for unity and solidarity. It is the best way to help ourselves instead of looking to others. This is a time as a nation to face disaster with courage and set up an example in history. Since government has experience to provide relief to internally displaced persons during the earthquake of 2005, therefore, rehabilitation of flood affectors will not be a new experience. Aid to flood affectors should be well planned. It should be organized like the internally displaced persons of 2005 earthquake. Some negative indicators are also seen, like the stealing of the belongings of the flood affectors. In Karachi some immoral persons on the appearance of flood affectors tried to occupy a vacant building against basic human rights, under section 24 of the constitution of Pakistan. It is necessary to keep observation on illicit.

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