Sunday, December 6, 2009

Role of Muslim Scholars in Pakistan

Muslim Scholars have a great history. They are known as researchers in the history. But now what we have , think about, only the preachers of Islam but with their own interests included.
You know why muslims are blammed as  terrorists now, the reason is, they lack knowledge or may be slave of their own believes (Firqa wariat). They portrait themselves in a way that world seems them as cruel persons or terrorists.
If the world see a picture of Muslim with the typical muslim dress on the front page of any great book related with research, science, medicine or IT then they automatically accept that these are muslims, the scholars as the muslim scholars of history. If our sister, daughter, mother write a book or prove herself as a researcher, scholar, then the world realize that these are muslim women. why this can't happen. why we don't think like this..............
It will be very painful for us that our new generation feel fear in adopting muslim culture, typically muslim dress (Arab's Culture). They think that a man with darhi and Imama  is dangerous to them........ah! what a situation....and our muslim scholars not care about this. they even not know that our new generation is spoiling through media or all other non-muslim's weapons.
So there is a need to join all the muslim scholars and mutually work on solving the issues we have now.
All the muslim organizations in Pakistan must start working on how to save the young generation being spoiled. They must educate the little students or youth , the original Islam, the values that are given by our Prophet (PBUH), the real meaning of Islam.
Islam means Peace, and muslim is the one who bring peace in the society. msut think on it!
Learn .learn.......and learn and then reconstruct the knowledge you have in order to stand  at a level , you have in history as a great muslim scholar. We must prove that:
Muslims are best scholars, best doctors, best scientists, best trainers, best physicians, best rulers, best architectures, best engineers, best students, best teachers, best artists and in the end best humans in the world.
Allah help us!

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