Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hope is good thing.

Life will bring many trials, tribulations and tests. Some days it will glide and slide while take you down rocky paths leaving you with very little to hang on to. Tests are that make life beautiful. For, it is the trying times that help you see the richness in contentment. Hope is the weapon of every believer - and regardless of personal faith - each of us has a belief from which stems hope.

Hope gives you courage to further struggle and ultimate achievement in life. There are times come in life when we feel or actually loose hope - there are lot of reasons behind but it is not the ending but only the trial of determination (faith test). You imagine that most of the times we loose hope or discourage at the final step, when we had reached the very next to destination we stop struggling. And then we realize that we missing alot..one last effort would bring us to success...must think. Hope provides fuel to make our life more efficient and more relexed and successable.

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