Saturday, February 20, 2010

There can only be Light after Darkness.

The Universe is not only reflected  in the skies but also in our everyday lives. It is usually the cycle of nights and days. When challenging times find their way into your life - remind yourself that absolutely nothing is permanent other than existence of temporary. Remember energy follows thoughts.

There is a need to think positively and on alternatives too. Nothing is permanent in this world, so develop your thinking and try to find solutions in a different way. It is interesting that sometimes the disapproved or rejected work or the wrong idea about particular task become positive solution for another task or problem. So always remember your mistakes are not wastage of time but the leaders of creativity. Nothing is impossible too in this world - we are that make things impossible or develop perceptions and then shape our minds according to perceptions that this is impossible and we can't do. Always remember that every thing, term, word has opposite. After light there is a darkness and then again light - your loss learn you how to overcome it and train you , just take this as a first step toward success instead of being discourage. This first little loss prevents you from future big losses, think like that......but this is human nature or habit that seems restless or try to get as quick and early and easily attract to short cuts. 

           Believe and you will achieve! 

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