Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ambreen Bukhari- Menika Mines

An entrepreneur needs special skills and confidence either male or a female and belongs to whatever country land. But, on the other hand it is quite true that in developing countries he/she has to face more than the developed one. In Pakistan, as in many other developing countries, women are handicapped in society. Therefore they face many challenges, as they do not enjoy the same opportunities as men. They are not only deprived of financial resources but also lack access to basic needs such as education. Limited access to the essentials of life undermines their capabilities, limits their ability to secure gainful employment, and results in low income, poverty and social exclusion. Their ambitions and aspirations are suppressed.
Gradually things are improving for women, which have been caused by their tremendous determination and courage. They are entering in the field of education, health, engineering, IT and active participation is seen in the sports and politics arena. About 60% of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan have opted for traditional business such as parlors, bakeries, boutiques, but the largest number is employed in the garments and handicrafts sector. One example of such a nice and encouraged lady is Ambreen Bukhari; she is running her jewelry showroom named Menika Mines in posh area of capital city Islamabad.
Ambreen Bukhari faced numerous challenges and criticism when she dared to enter into the difficult business of collecting, cutting, and exporting precious stones and preparing studded jewelry for the domestic market. Nobody believed she could succeed when she decided to open for business 11 years ago. The precious stone trade was considered a purely male domain, as one is supposed to travel to the mountains, interact with male entrepreneurs to manage the inner and outer workings of the business, and to actively explore for niche markets. Many of her colleagues thought that it would be insulting for men to have a female entrepreneur in their sector, but she has opened her doors and done very well.
Ambreen Bukhari completed her post-graduate studies abroad, specializing in geology, after which she returned to Pakistan with her two daughters to start a stone trading business. She soon found herself in very difficult circumstances. Yet, she took stock in her business and strove to be able to support her children and strengthening her resolve to fight against all odds. Today, she has full floor showroom for her jewelry in a business center in the most famous market of Islamabad. She also arranges exhibitions in Islamabad and Karachi and has participated in international events. She is a leading exporter of precious stones and has represented Pakistan at international forums. She also works as a consultant and imparts training in stone-cutting techniques.

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  1. i read whole struggle of mam ambreen bukhari menika. i want to invite in our university (comsats)seminar so if you have any contact details plz contact me