Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brand in focus: Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)

HSY have no necessity of any kind of introduction because his own name is a remarkable starting of a successful business venture known by everyone who belongs to his field even rather only in an inspiration. Off course he is none other than Hassan Sheheryar Yasin who is one of the biggest names in Pakistan Fashion industry. He was born in Lahore Pakistan. This stylish fashion designer has also launched his new studio in the highly fashionable district of Zamzama in Karachi. The flagship studio of this fashion designer is currently in the cultural capital of Pakistan, Lahore.
A graduate of the “Pakistan School of Fashion Design” in 2000, HSY is affiliated with the La Chamber Syndical De La Couture Parisians in France. Started out in 1994, Pakistani Fashion Designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin worked both as a choreographer and as Fashion designer in various shows within Pakistan and in international shows in Dubai, London UK, New York City USA, and Toronto Canada.
The introduction of Yasin’s own Fashion Label Clothes enters in the marketplace in year 2000, HSY. He starting his career with a bridal collection and formal wear couture house, it has since become one of the most recognized South Asian fashion labels in the world and currently employs over 350 people and six stores internationally, with the flagship studio housed in Lahore.  Among very few Pakistani fashion designers, HSY has won international appreciation and considered among the top Pakistani Fashion designers.

In 2003, First time a Karachi-based top fashion magazine “Diva” of that time placed this Pakistani Fashion designer on the cover of their “Most Powerful People” and also as one of their 10 Faces of the Year. In 2007, this radiant Pakistani and emerging Fashion personality also introduced HSY brand jewelry. Behind all his business ventures set up his philosophy could be explained by his popular quote about designing art is “Creativity is very important to be a designer, but if you want to be a successful designer then you need to be successful in every single way like being innovative and understanding the market”.
HSY is the winner of the Lux Style Fashion Designer Award of the Year (2005). Hassan Sheheryar Yasin has done one of the biggest thing to happen in fashion dress designs in the last decade in Pakistan that was his aim at HSY to showcase a diverse dresses collection in order to represent the rich cultural heritage of the East.
Now in 2010 Hassan Sheheryar Yasin has been actively involved in the world of fashion for over 15 years. This year, his label HSY, celebrates 10 years of excellence. Predominantly a Bridal House specializing in fashion design & tailoring. HSY’s distinctive Pakistani and Middle East inspired designs are infused with western influences. Augmented by vacillating and systematic embroidery, refined cutting, and judicious color choices the HSY brand is tantamount with the art of elegance. It is the thing overwhelming too in his recent collection of “Dubai Fashion Week Collection of 2010”. 

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