Monday, August 23, 2010

Appropriate attire for a Pakistani working lady!

In Pakistan too much fabric likes a large dupatta and too many accessories which seem totally impractical for the office environment. It is distracting for clients and no one wants to be taking care of outfit all day. However, its alternative can be conservative but very smart and perfect with a tailored outfit and a scarf. When the outfit requires too much maintenance it is not comfortable for a working lady or the people dealing with her. It is important to look good and have people concentrate on work activities rather than the person. Until the job scenario itself requires from oneself to be the center of attention at workplace.
Looking good is very crucial. However, the key is to balance look. Since in Pakistan the summer is so long thus lighter colors are preferred. One can go with bright but just be careful not to blind people with colors. Over-accessorizing and too much color or embroidery, badly stitched ill-fitting clothes are obviously not go with the office requirements. Smart and professional people are always taken more seriously that how they looks in any environment.
However in some environments one can be himself/herself and have the ability to express others through his style probably in personal presentation of any particular project or the business parties. Sweaters provide color and variety to woman's clothing, but they should be appealing rather than revealing. Inappropriate necklines and waistlines can give the wrong impression. When it comes to accessories and jewelry, less is once again more. Keep it simple: one ring per hand, one earring in each ear. Accessories should reflect your personality, not diminish your credibility. Faces, not feet, should be the focal point in business so chose conservative shoes. A low heel is more professional than flats or high heels. In spite of current fashion and the sandal rage, open-toed or backless shoes are not office attire. Not only are sandals a safety hazard, they suggest a certain official agenda. 
In a nut shell the same overall rules apply to women's work attire as apply to men's. Business clothing is not a reflection of the latest fashion trend. A woman should be noticed for who she is and her professional skills rather than for what she wears. Her business wear should be appropriate for her industry and her position or title within the industry. Investing in a good business wardrobe is an investment in your professional future. For those who think it's not what you wear but who you are that creates success, give that some more thought. Business skills and experience count, but thus does personal appearance and that all-important first impression.

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