Sunday, August 29, 2010

Degree of bluntness of Pakistani news channels!

Country like Pakistan which has lack of everything is surprisingly abounded in the news channels. No one knows exactly how many news channels our country have but exactly knows they are many and still growing aggressively. The news channels with stimulating slogans and well built graphic techniques appealing today’s children too that have nothing to understand it. Commonly people like them because they are up dating us with latest news of the Pakistan or now more of about our city (042). They are providing us more employment, awareness, education and political situation the more curious one issue.
Pakistan has a number of channels which are more popular among people like Geo News, ARY News, Dawn News, Express News, Duniya News, Samma News, Waqt News, Indus News, Channel 5, Royal News, City 42 and one Pakistani official News channel PTV News. But with what they up dating is only deteriorating our psychological stability, Depression, Isolation, frustration, hatred, selfishness, criticism, chaos and confusion. Every Pakistani child knows what mobile, TV, Car, vehicles, internet is but nobody knows how these things are made and how they work. 
Today our youth is wasting his time in front of these news channels because what do our children actually watch? Education about TNT, explosives, child and women rapes, human corpses, human flesh, human beheaded bodies, blood, tears, and complains. Talk shows based on science and technology, human history, world affairs OR Talk shows just about Stupid and corrupted Politicians in Pakistan. Are we receiving updated news about world or just Pakistan? What do we see in entertainment news? Off course nothing but stupid news about “porn Indian Film Industry”. 
Crimes involving violence occur in large scale everywhere but no media ever shows the A-Z crime scene to the general public because they don’t want to violate the innocent minds of their young generation with horrifying videos and pictures but what happens in Pakistan is that not only the crime story is discussed in detail but they all show the crime blooded tools and crime location filled with blood and human corpses. They show blooded and burned human body parts live on their channels to our Children. Our children today know more about explosive devices and metal tools than they do about Science and technology.
The youth of Pakistan is losing trust on their country. Every literate Pakistani is in hurry to leave Pakistan as soon as Possible. Today more highly qualified Pakistani young gentlemen are serving Foreign Nations than serving their Homeland. And this is what westerns dream to see “a Confused Muslim Nation, with its youth with no purpose in life” and no attention towards Science and human development. News Channels serve only to show the bad about Pakistanis and Muslim. In short Most of these channels are ran and funded by western Companies. This Business is bringing them jewels plus serving their religious motives. This scenario is very important as a Pakistani to analyze and deal with it collectively.

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