Monday, August 23, 2010

Deliverance of women in Pakistan!

Women whether working or not working as professionals are not placed only as label of custodian of family but should be responsible of character building of the whole society. Societies are built on the personalities of women which superficially look under control of men in Pakistan. A capable woman act like backbone of any family, if one of her disqualifies comprising of her values, character, hardworking and devotion for her family and surroundings slips, all matters shatter around men of her concern according to the men dominant culture here. Except in feudal culture her liberation is any way disturbed by the system itself. Women are dominant in all matters of her interests. If she has a wish to exceed in any matter she has lot of opportunity to excel depending upon her devotion, commitment and passion for that particular goal.
In Pakistan the girl’s brought up matters automatically is developing her sense of liberation. Some woman love to behave like childish nature and some families’ groom their girl child as confident and equal sharing person. They are picked by their spouses for their qualities. If Parents themselves degraded their girl child and let them down in front of a male partner she would naturally lose her sense of liberation or might react opposite to this and become disobedient and reactive to hold her importance in this system in which she was first disregarded by her parents.
Those women accept rudeness of men who take it normal from their family life styles and this trend is common in our lower, middle and so called top elite class with the same intensity in the whole Pakistani families no matter resides in whatever country. For lower class it becomes obvious to all as they are in majority and live in open spaces as compared to enclosed elite class who before coming out polish their traces of abused behavior in artificial get up.
The Pakistani women of today enjoy a better status than most Muslim and Middle Eastern women. However, on an average, the women's situation as compared to men is one of systemic subordination although there have been attempts by the government and enlightened groups to elevate the status of women in Pakistani society. In late 2006, the Pakistani parliament passed the Women's Protection Bill, repealing some of the Hudood Ordinances. The bill allowed for DNA and other scientific evidence to be used in prosecuting rape cases. The passing of the Bill and the consequent signing of it into law by President General Pervez Musharraf invoked protests from hard-line Islamic leaders and organization. Some experts also stated that the reforms will be impossible to enforce. President Asif Ali Zardari on January 29, 2010 signed the “Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Bill 2009” which the parliament adopted on January 21, 2010. These are steps have been taken to give more freedom to the women of Pakistan so that they can play a vital role in nation building with ease but it needs true implementation from other ends of parties.

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