Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Skincare treatments for Pakistani women!

The climate of Pakistan is quite hot & dry. All the women in such scenario seek the best skin care products to enhance their beauty or hide any blemishes in daily life. Everyone struggles with skin care issues from time to time and would apply a few general treatments for the healthy skin. In dry climates a decrease in moistness frequently leaves skin feeling dry and uncomfortable. This is particularly true for any layers of the dermis that have been injured by the sun. For this explanation, keeping the skin well hydrated is of greater significance for those who live in very dry climates than for those in clamminess like Pakistan. Hydrated skin begins with a hydrated body. Drink ample of water to offer natural moisture in addition to flush out toxins. Exfoliation is also vital to liberate the skin of old, dry and dead skin cells. The main method of battling dryness is to use a high quality moisturizing lotion for body. Sun, wind, and dry air can also be insensitive on hands. Find skin care products like hand cream that contains glycerin which is an effective moisture retaining substance.
It is much more important to make the skin clean and shine instead of fair in complexion. Firstly apply “sugar mask” every week it works for everyone in three ways as one: it brings life to skin and make it smooth. Two it makes the skin shine a little bit more as it wash out the whole week stored dust through the external skin pores. Three with these two benefits it removes the unwanted hair through skin which darkens the original complexion of the skin.
It is easy to prepare the mask. Three ingredients involve in making first one is white egg portion, second is 2 tab spoon of sugar, 4 drops of lemon juice. Simply stir white egg portion well in pan and then mix up 2 tab spoon of sugar and heat up so that sugar entirely soluble. In last add 4 drops of lemon juice and again heat up a little bit more. Apply on the skin with moderate temperature. Wash with water exactly after 15 min.
The other common problem as a result of depression and aging factor as well is freckles. For this apply “wheat mask” on the affected skin portion twice in a week. Mix wheat flour with vinegar and apply on face where the dark circles are appearing leave the mask until it dries and then wash out with water. In a nut shell, to keep you skin clean, smooth, and fresh & ready for make up all the time apply “Rose water” as a skin cleanser, make up remover and bed time care at night.

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  1. Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. Faheem you are trying best, this is everlasting skin solution for all the women of world. Good research, i really appreciated :P